How do I order a SanTec VT-18 disinfectant dispenser and disinfectant?

Our webshop is under construction and will be available on this website shortly. Until then please contact our sales department directly by e-mail, by phone on +41 44 711 70 00 or conveniently via our contact form.

Can I pay by credit card?

Currently you can only pay by invoice or prepayment. However, we aim to offer payment by credit card in the near future.

Is the SanTec VT-18 weatherproof and therefore also suitable for outdoor use?

No, the SanTec VT-18 must not be exposed to outside weather conditions.

Are special safety precautions required for the transport and storage of the disinfectant?

No, the 5 liter containers available from us are not flammable due to their very low alcohol content and do not require special storage and transport requirements.

How can I upload my personal content to the panel?

You can conveniently load and play your content directly on the panel using a USB stick or SD card. Detailed instructions can be found in the operating instructions in the Download center.

Which formats can be played?

All common photo, video and audio formats can be played back.

How large may the digital contents be?

The internal memory capacity of our standard devices is 1 GB. If you need larger memory capacity, please contact us.

How do I know when the tank is empty?

The tank capacity of the SanTec VT-18 is designed for up to 20,000 spraying cycles. A digital counter on the back of the device informs you about the number of spray cycles carried out. So you can fill the tank without interruption.

How do I fill the tank?

In the additional compartment of the stand you will find a filler neck through which you can easily refill the disinfectant. Detailed instructions can be found in the operating instructions in the Download Center.

How big is the SanTec VT-18?

Its dimensions are 1300 x 500 x 300 mm (HxWxD).

What does the disinfection system weigh?

26 kg (with empty tank)

Is regular servicing required?

Yes, we recommend the regular servicing and cleaning of the device. This increases its lifespan and ensures adherence to hygiene regulations. Detailed instructions can be found in the operating instructions in the Download Center.

What disinfectants can I use?

We recommend using only our original disinfectants! Only in this way can we ensure the longevity of the device and guarantee hygienic hand disinfection.

Is the disinfectant safe to use?

Yes, our original disinfectant for a hygienic hand disinfection is BAG (Federal Office of Public Health) and dermatologically approved, achieving the standard of “very good”, and according to EN1500, especially suitable for the prevention of nosocomial infections. You can find detailed information about the product and the dermatological test certificate in our Download Center.

How long is the warranty valid?

We guarantee a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty with professional application, regular care and when using our original disinfectant.