SanTec VT-18

  1. Contactless hand disinfection 
  2. Digital signage — your personal information panel 
  3. Straightforward content management via USB stick, SD card or WiFi 
  4. Large capacity thanks to its 18-liter tank, up to 20,000 sprays
  5. Additional drawer for masks, gloves or cleaning cloths

With our digital disinfectant dispenser you can communicate with your target group in a timely manner while protecting their health. The magnificent combination of usefulness and safety in one.

Our automated disinfection system is the elegant solution to protect yourself, your employees, your customers and their families from viruses and bacteria when they enter your company and at the same time inform them about your products and services or your message.

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Today hand hygiene is more important than ever

A handshake as a greeting, the opening of a door – people spread germs and expose themselves to them every day as a matter of course. There are about 10 million germs on our hands alone – an intimidating number! In addition, over 80% of infections are transmitted via our hands. Our hands are a significant risk factor. The observance of important disinfection rules increases safety from possible infections.


Certified by the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health) and dermatologically with very well attested disinfectant in different scents. Our disinfectant is for hygienic hand disinfection according to EN1500 and therefore especially suitable for the prevention of nosocomial infections. It is also gentle to the skin and highly effective.

Available in different scents. Our most popular are:

  • Mint
  • Lemon / Orange

The 5 liter containers we provide are non-flammable and require no special storage or transport requirements.

We recommend using only our original disinfectants!

Content Management

The design and animation of the digital content requires no programming skills – you can simply and conveniently load your information directly onto the terminal via a USB stick or SD card. As an option, you can design and manage your applications centrally and transfer them flexibly via WiFi or Ethernet to your end devices.

Fight pandemics and save costs!

  • Effective protection against the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Reduce surface are
  • Fewer personnel and resources
  • Virtual expansion of the product range
  • Quick information

Impress your customers!

  • Simple, contactless use
  • Scented disinfectant
  • Entertainment / customer information
  • Customized offers
  • Direct target group communication

Increase revenue

  • Multi-channel retail
  • Additional sales
  • Impulse buys
  • Customer retention / loyalty